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Welcome to Readers Inc. We are more than an online marketplace for buying, selling and renting pre-owned children story books online that ship all over Nigeria. Our aim is to sustain a reading culture in our children and promote literacy. We believe that reading improves curiosity, builds confident children, broadens perspectives and transforms lives. Yes! Reading transforms lives. We are inspired by the story of Michaela Deprince, a Sierra Leonean-American ballet dancer, currently dancing with the Boston Ballet. She was a war orphan and got inspired to become a ballerina by reading the front cover of a magazine at the age of three. Our regular events encourage our children to network, learn new things and have loads of fun!

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Lend & Borrow a Book

As part of our sharing ethos, we encourage members to lend books. Books are rented on a FIFO (first-in first-out) basis. Deliveries/exchanges/pickups and returns will be made weekly. Should there be a loss or damage to books rented, the market price of replacing the book + shipping cost of purchasing the book will be paid to the lender. Read More

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Are you interested in selling your book? Join our community of vendors and set up an account with us. Our voracious book lovers will be delighted to have those books you have kept on the shelf for so long. Why not let it go and let the book find a new home!
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Book Donations

You can decide to donate to our library or donate to charity. Whatever you choose, be rest assured that our children appreciate your donations.

Our Impact

Sustainability: Our sharing model encourages the reduction, reuse and recycle of books. It provides an environmentally friendly approach that reduces waste.
Affordable Prices: We are cost friendly, and our prices are affordable.
Wide Variety: We offer a wide range of book offerings with more added daily.
Reading Hubs: We have creative reading hubs in different centres around Nigeria. Our hubs are designed and inspired by the creativity of our children. It is free to children within each hub environment. We have sponsors responsible for each hub and volunteers who read to the children on a weekly basis. We do fun events as our children can meet some of their heroes, TV stars, career inspiration among others.
Networking: We foster friendship, teamwork, and fun through our various events.
Giving Back: We donate books to children in low-cost areas.






Happy Readers

Meet our Founders

Readers Inc was founded by fun loving childrenpreneurs –‘Nifemi, Modupe, Tolu and Teni and mumpreneurs- Remi and Temitope who found an innovative way to keep reading while saving the planet and reducing cost. We are guided by the 3 S- share, sustainability and save.
Share - Why should a book be read once and have one owner! Sharing is more fun.
Sustainability - Because we share and recycle, we can reduce waste and carbon emission.
Save - Our prices are affordable. We save you some extra bucks!




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Tolu & Teni