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Slacks, Camera, Action!

by Scott Mccormick, R. H. Lazzell

ISBN: 9780147517111
Buy: ₦ 2500.00
Borrow: ₦ 750.00

Mr. Pants is a hilarious comic book style chapter book series, perfect for fans of Bad Kitty and Fly Guy! Mr. Pants only has a few hours to make a movie with his sisters if they’re going to win the filmmaking contest and get a trip to Hawaii. Why do dumb things like chores and tea parties always get in the way? With a little creative thinking, and a big dose of goofball personality, the cats get their debut film done just in the nick of time. And don't forget about Mr. Pants: It's Go Time!

  • ISBN: 9780147517111
  • Pages: 128
  • Genre: Childrens
  • Themes: Brothers and sisters, fiction, Cats, fiction, Behavior, fiction, Children's fiction
  • Age: 6+

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