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Party Time (Dork Diaries #2)

by Rachel Renée Russell

ISBN: 9781471144028
Buy: ₦ 2500.00
Borrow: ₦ 750.00

2 parties + 1 crush x 1 mean girl = a dork-sized disaster! Nikki Maxwell is finally fitting in at her new school: she's made two supercool friends and her crush, Brandon, has started to notice her. Hello! Seriously awesome developments! Then MacKenzie brags about going to the school dance with Brandon, so Nikki agrees to go to her little sister's party instead. But when she discovers MacKenzie has lied, Nikki realises her dream of going to the dance with Brandon could come true... With two parties to juggle, what's a dork to do?

  • ISBN: 9781471144028
  • Pages: 279
  • Genre: Childrens
  • Themes: Young adult humor
  • Age: 9+

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