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As a member, you are eligible to several benefits. The yearly membership fee is N10,000 per family and a minimum credit wallet balance of N5,000 for your purchases. Your wallet will be utilised for purchases during the year. Fill the sign-up form to join and create an account with us.
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Benefits of being a member
  • Online account
  • Free access to our events
  • Earn from lending books
  • Borrow a book
  • Volunteer in our social impact programs
  • Entrepreneurship opportunities
  • Local and International networking opportunities
  • Discounts, rewards, and loads of other benefits

Lend a book

As part of our sharing ethos, we encourage members to lend books. Books are rented on a FIFO basis. Deliveries/exchanges/pickups and returns will be made weekly. Should there be a loss or damage to books rented, the equivalent cost of renting the book will be paid to the lender .

  1. Submit a request with the Title and ISBN of the book(s) you wish to submit.
  2. If the books already exist in our database, we will vet within 24 hours. If not, we require a minimum of 5 working days to vet the book before we approve the listing of your book.
  3. Once we approve your book for listing, it will be uploaded within 24 hours if it exists in our database. Otherwise, we require a minimum of 5 working days to vet and upload the book. The book will be available to members that want to borrow your book once uploaded. The rate for borrowing a book is between N500 - N1,000 depending on the state of the book. We charge 20% as administrative fees. You can drop off your books in our drop off centre. Send a text or WhatsApp message to +2348030691201 to get the nearest drop off location to you. Your wallet will be credited within 24 hours. You can choose to keep the money in your wallet or cash out. Payment for cash out will be made within 24 hours.

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Borrow a book

Browse through our books that are available to be borrowed. Click on Borrow and check out. Books borrowed should be returned after two weeks. Failure to return will lead to a fee of N500 per book per week of default and payment of the market price of the book + shipping cost to purchase the book after two weeks of default. No further books can also be borrowed until existing books are returned or paid for.
Books are to be maintained in proper condition. Failure to comply attracts a penalty equivalent to the market price and shipping cost to purchase the book. Members will be responsible for the delivery charges. You can liaise with us to recommend affordable options for delivery.

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